We have had so much fun photographing Layla and her parents, first at our old photo studio in Arlington Heights in March of this year, then again at our new Chicago Baby studio in October and finally at her first birthday party just last month. She is a beautiful, happy baby and her parents are a joy to spend time with!

The first time we photographed Layla was for her 100th day photo session, when her parents had fun dressing her up in a number of different outfits in our studio. We had just as many outfit changes at the second photoshoot, but Layla also had fun playing with our miniature piano and other toys in our new studio. Her party was such a joy not just to photograph, but also attend. The traditional Korean touches were beautifully done, and the American cake afterwards was a big hit with the adorable 1-year-old.

Layla was very calm at all of our photo sessions, and didn’t cry once when we were with her. We especially loved the photos of her playing with her dad, who stayed with her the whole time to make sure she was comfortable.

Saehee and Soohyun

Layla sits in the middle of white teddy bears for her 100th day photo shoot. Baby wears red cape on white fur blanket during traditional Korean 100th day photoshoot. Layla wears white dress and pink hat during baby photoshoot.Baby Layla wears a party hat during Chicago Baby photo session. Dad kisses 100-day-old baby during photoshoot. Dad holds baby dressed as angel during photoshoot. Baby lays on her stomach dressed as an angel. Parents hold baby during traditional Korean 100th day photoshoot. Baby holds ball and smiles during baby photoshoot. Baby sits for photos during first birthday photoshoot in Chicago. Layla sucks her thumb during a Chicago Baby photo session. Baby in poufy white dress sits in front of miniature white piano. Layla smiles while she plays a miniature piano. Baby girl plays miniature piano during birthday photo session in Chicago. Parents play the piano with their one-year-old daughter in Chicago photo studio. Parents smile with baby during family photo session. Dad holds smiling baby girl in the air. Dad tosses baby in the air during a Chicago family photoshoot. One-year-old baby wears a traditional Korean costume for first birthday photos. Parents kiss baby in traditional Korean outfits. Dad holds daughter as they greet party guests for her first birthday. Layla’s Korean first birthday cake. A set with an ornate, miniature chair and flowers is set up on a table at Layla’s first birthday party. Traditional Korean shoes and toys are laid on a second table at Layla’s first birthday party. Layla plays with her new ring and smiles. Layla sits in an ornate chair and smiles at her party. Layla smiles with her family at her first birthday party. Layla’s American first birthday cake. Layla laughs in her highchair, covered in cake.