Hyorin is such an adorable little girl! We’ve worked with her mom Janice Cha, a makeup artist, for a number of family photo sessions and weddings so we wanted to help celebrate Hyorin’s third birthday with some memorable family photos.

It was so much fun seeing Hyorin interact with her parents and play with the different sets. She particularly loved running around with the princess wand when she was wearing her poofy white dress.

We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

Soohyun and Saehee

Hyorin’s dad holds her for a family portrait. A daughter holds her dad’s hand and laughs during a downtown Chicago family photoshoot. A father holds his daughter on a windowsill as she grins during a father daughter photoshoot. Hyorin’s parents stand next to her by the window for a photo. Hyorin reaches for her dad while she sits with her mom during a photoshoot. Hyorin holds her dress and dances in front of a chalk Chicago skyline mural. Hyorin walks with a princess wand and grins. Hyorin sits with her parents in matching cream colored outfits. Daughter laughs with mom during a mother daughter photoshoot. Janice kisses her daughter while holding her during a family photoshoot.


Two-year-old Sophia and her parents joined us in our Chicago Baby studio on March 16 to take some family photos, and we loved spending time with them! Sophia was so full of personality and loved playing with all of the props on the different photoshoot sets. We especially loved the mini cake that she dug into while wearing the fluffiest grey tutu.

This family was so bright and sunny, and Sophia is a beautiful little girl inside and out. We hope you love these special moments as much as we do!

Saehee and SoohyunTwo-year-old Sophia sits on a fur rug and plays with an antique type writer.Sophia rides an antique miniature car in a grey tutu. Sophia poses with her parents before eating a mini birthday cake. Sophia sits with her mom during a Chicago family photoshoot. Sophia eats a birthday cake with her parents. A Chicago toddler digs into a mini birthday cake in a grey tutu. Sophia smiles while eating her mini birthday cake. Sophia smiles and dances while wearing a floral top and a white tutu. Sophia dances and smiles during a family photoshoot in Chicago. Two-year-old Sophia sits in a miniature chair and smiles during a family photoshoot. Sophia sits and plays on a miniature leather armchair Chicago baby wears a white dress and takes a photo with her father. Two-year-old toddler plays with a miniature gavel and smiles. Sophia kisses her dad on the forehead during a Chicago family photoshoot. Sophia hugs both of her parents and hugs her mom. Sophia’s dad tosses her in the air while she laughs. Chicago toddler sits in a white dress and looks at her parents during a photo session. Two-year-old Sophia waves a princess wand in a white dress. Sophia waves a princess wand and smiles during a birthday photoshoot. A Chicago family smiles in front of a wreath during a photo session.

Audrey Lee and Andrew Family Photo Session

We loved having this beautiful family in our studio a few weeks ago! Audrey Lee married Andrew two years ago, so she brought her wedding dress, her two younger sisters and her parents in for a fun family session.

We had such a great time with all of them, and especially had fun finding photos that expressed everyone’s personalities. This is a great example of how family photos can be fun and unique and aren’t stuffy or overly posed! We especially love the photo where Audrey’s two sisters are jumping and the one where the family is lined up on the windowsill smiling at each other.

Soohyun and Saehee

Audrey and Andrew pose in their wedding outfits two years after their wedding. Audrey smiles with her two younger sisters. Audrey, Andrew and Audrey’s family smile for a family portrait. Audrey’s dad smiles down at her mom. Audrey, her mom and two younger sisters share a moment during their family photoshoot. Audrew and Andrew hold hands during their family photo session. Everyone sits on a windowsill and smiles at each other. Audry’s sisters jump while the three girls pose for a photo with their dad. The family hugs and smiles at each other. The three girls smile for a photo with their mom.


We had so much fun photographing Jiyoo, 1-year-old Korean girl, and her parents at our new redesigned Chicago studio.

For the photo session, the beautiful little girl was dressed in a pink and white Korean traditional costume. Jiyoo was looking adorable as she sat on a couch and her parents who loved the photo session too. Jiyoo was such a happy baby and enjoyed the shoot. It was easy getting her cute and adorable photos throughout the shoot.

Later she was dressed in a cute white dress with a bow hairband. Her parents too had fun dressing her up in a number of different outfits. Jiyoo had fun holding a brush in her hand and loved playing with our miniature white piano. Initially, she just looked at the piano but later played it. It was easy getting her photos as she was enjoying the shoot. Jiyoo was very calm at our photo session and didn’t cry, but was a bit afraid sitting near a window.

We have a full wardrobe and props for babies, a nursery room and many different sets designed for baby photo sessions. We hope you enjoy these adorable photos of adorable baby Jiyoo and her beautiful family as much as we do!

1 year Old Jiyoo Photoshoot Little Girl dressed up with her Dad Beautiful Baby Playing with miniature white Piano Cute Baby Girl in White Dress Baby Girl Photo Session Adorable Baby Photoshoot


We really enjoyed getting to know Mark and Frances and their two-year-old daughter Evelyn and newborn Lily. Francis shared that her pregnancy was high risk, as Lily was sustaining on only half of the placenta. Since it is so rare for women to carry babies to 30 weeks, she wanted to celebrate coming so far with her new child. Since being born, their family is adjusting to having two children and loving every moment of it!

We hope you’ll join in the celebration with us by wishing Lily and her parents congratulations and taking a moment to appreciate our photos of this gorgeous family.

Saehee and Soohyun

A newborn baby sleeps on a soft blanket with a flower headband. A little girl smiles above her newborn sister. A newborn baby girl lies on a faux fur blanket with a pink flower headband on. A family with two little girls poses for a family portrait in a Chicago photo studio. A little girl holds her dads face while her family poses for a portrait. A little girl kisses her newborn sister’s head as they lie on a faux fur rug.