Audrey Lee and Andrew Family Photo Session

We loved having this beautiful family in our studio a few weeks ago! Audrey Lee married Andrew two years ago, so she brought her wedding dress, her two younger sisters and her parents in for a fun family session.

We had such a great time with all of them, and especially had fun finding photos that expressed everyone’s personalities. This is a great example of how family photos can be fun and unique and aren’t stuffy or overly posed! We especially love the photo where Audrey’s two sisters are jumping and the one where the family is lined up on the windowsill smiling at each other.

Soohyun and Saehee

Audrey and Andrew pose in their wedding outfits two years after their wedding. Audrey smiles with her two younger sisters. Audrey, Andrew and Audrey’s family smile for a family portrait. Audrey’s dad smiles down at her mom. Audrey, her mom and two younger sisters share a moment during their family photoshoot. Audrew and Andrew hold hands during their family photo session. Everyone sits on a windowsill and smiles at each other. Audry’s sisters jump while the three girls pose for a photo with their dad. The family hugs and smiles at each other. The three girls smile for a photo with their mom.

Author: Chicago Baby Blog

We are Saehee Lee and Soohyun Kim, and we have been married since 2009 and blessed with two sons of our own. At Chicago Baby, we strive to provide your family with images and portraits that you can treasure for years. Our goal is to give you an experience at our studio that is as unique and beautiful as your family. Our studio has over 2,300 square feet of studio space and offers 10 different studio sets for you and your family to choose from. We also provide different props and outfits at the studio to make sessions fun and easy. This blog is a space where we will share our favorite photos and details from sessions at our studio. We would love to hear your thoughts and favorites in the comments sections! Visit our website for details about scheduling a session for your own family at

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