The Silva Family

We have so much fun photographing the Silva family, and love that we have been able to take photos of their family as it has grown. Mom, Pamela Figueroa Silva, is a calligrapher, and helped us create the logos for Chicago Baby and our wedding company, Studio Soo.

I met Pam and her husband last year around Easter. We had just taken over our photo studio and she was one of our first sessions. We instantly fell in love with her family’s bright, kind dynamic and their story.

Jeff worked as a pastor and missionary, and met Pam while he was in her hometown in Chile. The rest is history! Today, they have three beautiful children, 5-year-old Lisa, 3-year-old Danny and newborn Emma.

Our Easter session in 2017 took place before Pam was pregnant with Emma, and Lisa and Danny were so active that it was difficult to get photos of them sitting still. Even though it can be challenging because they are so active, we love photographing siblings together. Their interactions create natural, genuine photos that are always surprising and fun. This session was no exception, and one of Lisa’s photo has been on our website’s main page ever since.

Lisa and Danny are similar ages to our own two boys, and our kids were fast friends. Our families have built a beautiful friendship since that first session, and we loved having the chance to photograph their family again for Emma’s newborn session.

We hope you love the photos from these two sessions as much as we do!

Saehee and Soohyun

Older sister kisses her little brother on the cheek.Brother and sister pose for photos during Chicago photo shoot.Little boy poses in Chicago photo studio for portraits.Older sister hugs her newborn baby sister.Newborn baby girl wrapped in pink swaddle sleeps in fur-lined cradle.Newborn baby sleeps on a grey blanket in a bucket with pink flowers.Three siblings sit in a row during a Chicago photo session.Family with three kids poses for a portrait in a Chicago photo studio.A newborn baby wearing a pink dress lies in a crib with a white blanket.A little boy and little girl pose around their baby sister’s moon shaped crib.A baby lies on her stomach and smiles.Parents hold laughing children during a photo shoot.Little girl in green-stripped dress dances during Easter photo session.Little girl poses for Easter portrait.Dad poses for Easter portrait with his kids in Chicago photo studio.A brother and sister play during a photo shoot at a Chicago photo studio.

Author: Chicago Baby Blog

We are Saehee Lee and Soohyun Kim, and we have been married since 2009 and blessed with two sons of our own. At Chicago Baby, we strive to provide your family with images and portraits that you can treasure for years. Our goal is to give you an experience at our studio that is as unique and beautiful as your family. Our studio has over 2,300 square feet of studio space and offers 10 different studio sets for you and your family to choose from. We also provide different props and outfits at the studio to make sessions fun and easy. This blog is a space where we will share our favorite photos and details from sessions at our studio. We would love to hear your thoughts and favorites in the comments sections! Visit our website for details about scheduling a session for your own family at

One thought on “The Silva Family”

  1. SO ACTIVE 😂 tell me about it…
    we have loved being able to have you taking our family pictures, they’re adorable and you guys are so kind!
    Saehee is amazingly skilled changing a preparing a newborn with different outfits and props… it’s just like magic the way she can wrap them without even wake them up. She also has the best style to select outfits, so their studio is full of them and they’re all cute and stylish!
    Soohyun is always sweet and patient, having the ability to capture fun and spontaneous moments.
    Thanks you for all you have done for us! Working with you has been a blessing!


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